Our Story

After our children had flown the nest

and we had decorated everything in sight! 


was born. 

Through our love of recycling, we came upon an idea to light up our campercar.

The unique, vintage- style, LAMPSHADE FAIRY-LIGHTS and BOTTLE LIGHTS

 became so popular with friends and family we decided to make more to sell.


We try to use as many recycled materials as possible and work in partnership with local businesses to reduce waste by re- purposing and up-cycling their discarded materials.

We also have a range of greeting cards made from original Royal Mail postcard stamps

and discarded fabric books and up-cycle other random things...

saving them from landfill. 

 Our Belingo Camper Car

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Meet My Mum...

The Grandma of MTNestCrafts.

This is where the arty, crafty, musical genes come from and at 80 years old she is still creating things today!

Here are some of her creations...

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