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Do you provide batteries with your mini lampshades?  Yes always!  Its so annoying to receive something and then have to go and find batteries to make it work. 

Where do you source your fabrics from?  All our fabrics (apart from the trims) are either scraps from sewers or repurposed from old curtains/clothes etc.

Can I combine the postage if I purchase more than one item?  Yes...if I can fit it into one box then you only have to pay one postage charge.

Do you have any kits available for crafty people that want to make their own?  Yes...have a look in my Etsy shop and local outlets.  (Give me a shout if you cant find the colour combo you like)

I want to make some using my own fabric and trim!  Thats great! I can send you a 'bespoke kit' which contains everything apart from fabric and trim.

Can you make lights with my photos on them?

Yes they take a little longer to make - so allow a little extra time and message me for prices.

Do you make memory gifts?

Yes of course.  If you have some fabric from a loved one, I can make mini lampshades and/or padded mini heart bunting for you.  Ideal fabric are cotton or other light weight fabrics.  Due to the current climate - fabrics will need to be washed before they are sent over.

How has your business changed since the pandemic?

Well there's certainly a lot of handwashing going on here! Apart from that...The paper and bubble wrap packaging I recycle, goes through a two week quarantine in the garage before it's used.

I've learnt how to make origami envelopes and started collecting more seeds from my organic garden to send out with my customers orders. And I have expanded my pressed botanical range using pressed plants from my garden.

Give me a shout if you have any more questions 

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