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“At least 8 millions tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean each year, which is equivalent to dumping the contents of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. If no action is taken the ocean is expected to contain more plastics than fish by 2050.”

- Ellen MacArthur Foundation

WE, at MT Nest Crafts, LOVE RECYCLING!​

...and try to use as much recycled material in our products as possible. it worries us how much plastic ends up in the ocean and landfill sites. So we came up with a few ideas on how to reduce this and make something practical yet beautiful.

​​​Our lampshade lights are made from small plastic cups that are thrown away at the end of Food Festival tasting sessions. Thanks to Dorset Ginger for being green and saving theirs for us! We carefully wash them out, dry them and drill a hole ready for the LED bulb.​

The fabric we use is mostly from sewer’s scraps and vintage clothing.

​​​​​​To create a packaging system that is transparent yet sturdy and practical, we use discarded plastic drinks bottles, cutting and moulding the tops for the 'MakeYourOwn' kits.

So, we are slowly doing our bit to help the environment.

how do you reduce your plastic waste?

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