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Supporting Small Businesses

The UK has an amazing array of makers...a community of creativity, passion and skill.

This year has been a tough one, but I for one am a positive soul and believe that given the chance, and with the support of each other, we can all shine and make it through the other side.

There are so many ways to show a small business your support and that doesnt mean you have to buy from them! (Although it would make them light up inside if you did :)) You can leave a review, enter their competitions, even a like/share or comment on a post helps enormously.

Here are some of my favourites. Please click on their links and see what delights they have to offer :)

Loved Garms

I make funky clothes that include bold print leggings, funky jumper dresses, comfy undies and a fair few bits in between. I love my job, creating clothes for men, women and kids, I make each item in my Bournemouth sewing studio ready for people to snap up via my website or VIP Facebook group. I make in small batches so they often sell out, I can't wait to launch my 2021 range.

I also have an alter ego sister label called My Festival Family which supplies fair trade and ethically sourced clothing, accessories and homewares which I find extremely hard to part with since they are all so gorgeous I'd love you to take a peek at what I do, I have a fast turnaround, posting out in eco friendly and reusable packaging a few times a week.


I am NicoleLouiseDesignUK and I am based in the South West of England.

My passion is to produce textile and print products and share them with you.

I love colour, pattern and the world around me. I am hugely inspired by the coast and nature as well as the locations around me!

When designing I consider the impact my products will have on the environment. I try to use as many recycled materials as possible and reduce my plastic use.

I love creating new ideas and products. Drawing and colour has a huge impact on my work, I want to create fun and playful designs which make you or your loved ones smile!


Vegan Green Bee

Our vision at Vegan Green Bee is to inspire people to become more eco-friendly in their everyday lives. We have curated a vegan-based, recycled and planet-friendly product range that is accessible, affordable and appeals not only to those who are totally vegan but those who aspire to this lifestyle too. We only use recyclable packaging in our products and we ship to you in recyclable and compostable packaging.

Our product range is aimed at anyone who is conscious of the effect we have on the planet through what we eat, wear and use every waking hour of the day. We understand that sustaining a vegan lifestyle 100 percent of the time can be challenging. So, what we can do is help you to take baby steps. Because little changes to what we do and how we live have more of an impact on the planet than we sometimes think.

Drift Away Driftwood Art

Driftaway was started from my love of walking Dorset’s beaches and picking up the many treasures washed up.

I love being creative and in turn using nature’s materials as the basis of my art. Nature and art being my two greatest pleasures in life. Creating Driftaway has definitely fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Celestial Vibes

I'm Shannon and here's my small business showcasing the art that I create from botancials, crystals, handmade jewellery and paint pouring. My creations are for sale at The Den Emporium in Bournemouth and you can contact me via Instagram and Facebook.

Old Pine Macrame

Old Pine Macrame is inspired by wild places, from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to crashing Dorset sea cliffs.100% recycled, eco-friendly macrame, lovingly handmade in Dorset. Wall hangings, accessories and statement pieces for bohemian homes.

Flutterbies Den

I'm Lisa and make unique, handmade silver jewellery and gifts. My jewellery making journey started off 6 years ago, stringing glass beads. I now make silver jewellery. Larger pieces are hallmarked in London. I welcome commissions so please contact me so we can discuss your needs.

Dorset Ginger

The Dorset Ginger Company is a family run business established in 1985 and operates from Lytchett Matravers, just outside of Poole in Dorset. We produce award winning non alcoholic, non carbonated, hand blended ginger drinks and Sicilian lemonade. We gently pasteurise our bottles which gives them a long shelf life and eliminates the need for adding potassium sorbate. Our ginger drinks can be enjoyed on their own, used as mixers or they can be even used for cooking and baking!

Ginger falls into the category of medicinal products, considered one of the most valuable spice in the world. This sweet and aromatic spices, rich in natural oils (especially gingerol) has amazing hidden therapeutic properties and anti-inflammatory effects. It can help with digestive problems, colds, nausea and also improves brain function, and prevents brain aging.

Little Peanut Buttercup

Lilli from Little Peanut Buttercup, began crocheting items for her young family as an alternative to stereotypical colour options and a need for bright colours. The business has evolved due to a love of craft and caters for all ages with winter accessories and also offers hair accessories and jewellery pieces. A glance at the Instagram will demonstrate the love for all things rainbow but the customised creations are also popular.

And if looking through all those hasnt cheered you up...let you ears soak this up :)

Musicains havent been able to perform in their usual way this year. I for one have sorely missed going to festivals and hearing live music at local pubs. Lets show them all our support by buying /downloading their music...

Plastic Jeezus

Plastic Jeezus are a Bournemouth-based duo, who have been bringing their unique brand of uptempo wryness to the masses for the last few years. With original tunes that'll get stuck in your head, rhythms that'll make you want to dance and lyrics that'll make you grin, Plastic Jeezus always go down a storm at festivals and indoor venues alike.


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